Translating for Humanity

Millions of refugees & people in need of humanitarian assistance struggle with language barriers.

Help give them on-demand language access.


— Our Mission

Improve Understanding

Tarjimly means “translate for me” and was founded in 2017 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the US Refugee & Travel Ban. Our mission is to improve the lives of refugees and the efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers.

Our Core Values

All human beings deserve the dignity of language access

Humanitarian services should never be denied due to language barriers

Technology needs to work with communities to build trust


— How It Works

Technology & The Community

The Tarjimly mobile app allows the world’s 3 billion multilingual speakers to remotely volunteer their language skills as translators and interpreters for the 65 million displaced people. Today, it is the most accessible translator service in the world.

When a refugee, asylum seeker, or humanitarian worker requests a translator for a particular language, Tarjimly’s machine learning matching algorithm selects the best volunteer available in our community of 8,000+ people. This person is then connected in a live chat with the person in need, where they can send text, documents, and start a phone or video call.

How It Works

Tarjimly needs to mobilize 1 million multilingual speakers.
Here's how you can help:

Donate to give refugees free language access:

Volunteer your language skills (with no commitment), refer your friends or sign your company up
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— Global Impact

Micro Volunteers at a Macro Scale

Our 9,000+ Tarjimly volunteers have helped over 17,000 refugees and aid workers in critical events during emergency medical services, asylum interviews, trauma counseling, and rescue operations.

Volunteers live in 95 different countries, speak over 80 different languages, and engage in over 3,000 translations per week. They have translated for staff at the UNHCR, Syrian American Medical Society, the International Rescue Community, and many more.

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Our 2021 Goals

Launch Tarjimly Premium with HIPAA compliance and video

Register 1 Million Volunteers Help 100,000 Refugees & Aid Workers

Partner with CSR & NGOs to Scale our Volunteers & Impact


— Supporters & Partners

Silicon Valley + Social Good

Our work is supported by multiple generous donors and partners in the technology and humanitarian sectors.

Tarjimly is bridging these divided communities with technology, talent, and financial support. Learn how you can get your company involved: