Finally a global way to help refugees

Tarjimly is a Facebook Messenger bot that connects volunteer translators (like you!) to refugees & immigrants in dire need of translation services, to speak with doctors, aid workers, & legal representatives, to name a few.

Tarjimly alerts translators of requests that are routed to fit them. If they are available, the connection is instantly made for them to enter a secure, anonymous conversation (text, audio notes, video, etc).

Refugees can choose specifically what they want to share & rate their session at the end.

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1) I registered but haven’t received any translation requests?

You shouldn't receive any requests after the demo right now. We are building the database of translators and aiming to start connections with refugees/immigrants in the coming weeks.

2) Will Language X be an option?

You will be able to add many more languages after signing up.

3) Can I signup if I can't write in the Language X script, only the English script?

Depends on the use-case for most Language X-speaking refugees/immigrants. For example, many write Urdu in the English script as well. Combined with voice notes, you may want to consider still signing up so long as you're confident speaking.

4) I'm just getting a loading circle when I submit the form?

You need to enable Facebook Platforms or try a browser that's not Internet Explorer or Firefox.

5) I’m getting demos in languages other than the ones I selected?

Currently the only demos are in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, and Urdu. More soon :)

6) Is Tarjimly safe and secure?

Tarjimly connections are anonymous. The only thing we share is the translator's first name and they agree to best safety practices. It's up to the participants to share whatever they like. We may add a feature to share contact info if there's critical interest.

7) How will you ensure quality & vet translators?

1) Self-reported proficiency & experience level, as well as evaluations after sessions (1, 2, 3 stars) that will help us bump up better translators.

2) Testing and scoring new translators with the demo that gives an objective baseline.

3) Feedback system & random, aggregate, anonymous conversation analysis for quality.

4) If there's any frustration between translator/translatee, either can end the conversation and ping again to be connected to another person immediately.




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